How to get involved in TC 100
Last updated: 2018-08-23
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TC 100 member countries


If your country is a P-member of TC 100, it will be easy for you to join TC 100 activities,
The list of member countries is availrable at TC 100 Country membership page in IEC Web site
You can contact secretariat of your National Committee (NC) linked from the page above or you can contact secretariat of TC 100 mirror committee of your NC directly in case of active NCs. Contact information of active NCs are shown below.

China China Ms. Wang Li(CESI)
Japan Japan Mr. Hiokazu Ishii (JEITA)
Korea Korea Mr. Munhwan Han (KATS)
Finland Finland Mr. Jukka Alve (SESKO)
France France Mr. Fabien Le Bonniec (UTE)
Germany Germany Mr. Gerhard Henninger (DKE)
UK UK Ms. Tyrena Powell (BSI)
USA USA Ms. Veronica Lancaster (CTA)

Non-member coutries


If your country is not a member of TC 100 nor IEC, please visit - Who produces the standards - page in IEC Web site.

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