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Last updated: 2017-02-13
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TC 100 AGS/AGM in Athens TC 100 meetings 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany
TC 100 AGS/AGM in Athens TC 100 officers' change
TC 100 AGS/AGM in Athens Sad news
TC 100 AGS/AGM in Athens New TA 17 on multimedia systems and equipment for cars
TC 100 AGS/AGM in Athens TC 100 AGS and AGM meetings 2016 in Vienna, Austria
new publication New publications

TC 100 meeting in Frankfurt 2016


TC 100 Plenary and related meetings were held in Frankfurt, Germany successfully, from 27 September to 4 October 2016.
The results of the TC 100 plenary meeting are given in the Decision list

The Minutes of the meeting is 100\2852/RM..
Meeting documents are placed in the IEC Collaboration Tool.

TC 100/AGS meeting
TC 100 Plenary meeting

TC 100 officers' change


TC 100 Secretariat annouced some changes of TC 100 officers as followes:

TC 100 Secretary: Mr. Junichi Yoshio (JP) will replace Mr. Tadashi Ezaki from 2017-01-01. (100/2847/AC)
TA 5 Technical Secretary: Mr. Hiroo Tamura (JP) will replace Mr. Jukka Alve from 2017-01-01. (100/2821/AC)
TA 15 Technical Area Manager: Dr. S-O Lim (KR) has replaced Dr. Kamil Grajski. (100/2822/AC)
TA 15 Technical Secretary: Dr. O-W Nam (KR) has replaced Dr. S-O Lim. (100/2822/AC)


Sad news


Mr. Keith Johns (AU), TC 100 AGS member and PT 62087-7 Project Leader has passed away suddenly.

In the TC 100 Plenary in Frankfurt, TC 100 commemorated Mr. Keith Jones by a moment of silence for his sudden death and excellent contributions to TC 100.


New TA 17 on Multimedia systems and equipment for cars


TC 100 has established a new TA, TA 17 on Multimedia systems and equipment for cars.
Mr. Junichi Yoshio (JP) and Dr. Ock-Woo Nam (KR) were appointed as TAM and TS respecrively.
The announcement is circulated as 100/2776/AC.



TC 100 AGS/AGM meetings in Vienna, Austria


TC 100 AGS and AGM and related meetings were held in Vienna successfully, from 23 to 25 May 2016 kindly hosted by OVE, Austrian National Committee.
The results of the TC 100 AGM meeting is available here.

TC 100 AGS meeting in Vienna
TC 100 AGM meeting in Vienna

New Publications


IEC 62680-1-2 Ed. 1.0 (2016-11) Universal serial bus interfaces for data and power - Part 1-2: Common components - USB Power Delivery specification

defines a power delivery system covering all elements of a USB system including: Hosts, Devices, Hubs, Chargers and cable assemblies. This specification describes the architecture, protocols, power supply behaviour, connectors and cabling necessary for managing power delivery over USB at up to 100W. This specification is intended to be fully compatible and extend the existing USB infrastructure. It is intended that this specification will allow system OEMs, power supply and peripheral developers adequate flexibility for product versatility and market differentiation without losing backwards compatibility. USB Power Delivery is designed to operate independently of the existing USB bus defined mechanisms used to negotiate power.


IEC 62766-2-1 Ed. 1.0 (2016-12) Consumer terminal function for access to IPTV and open internet multimedia services - Part 2-1: Media formats

specifies formats for the audio/video content provided by IPTV services using fixed line access networks or mobile access networks and voice and video telephony services. It does not apply to the broadcast channel input of hybrid devices except where explicitly specified.It defines formats for the delivery of 3D video. At the present time, delivery to fixed terminals is targeted. It defines the media formats utilised on the UNI reference point UNIT-17 of the Open IPTV Forum functional architecture.


IEC 62766-2-2 Ed. 1.0 (2016-12) Consumer terminal function for access to IPTV and open internet multimedia services - Part 2-2: HTTP adaptive streaming

specifies media formats for adaptive unicast content streaming over HTTP. Two HTTP adaptive streaming formats are specified. The first is based entirely on MPEG DASH. The second is the OIPF "HTTP adaptive streaming" (HAS) format, which is based upon 3GPP's release 9 adaptive HTTP streaming (AHS) format, with some profiling and extensions to add the features of media components and support for MPEG-2 transport stream content segment format. The latter format was specified before MPEG DASH had been published. It is retained due to usage in some legacy applications. Key words: Internet


IEC 62766-3 Ed. 1.0 (2016-12) Consumer terminal function for access to IPTV and open internet multimedia services - Part 3: Content metadata

specifies the aspects concerning content metadata.


IEC 62827-3 Ed. 1.0 (2016-12) Wireless power transfer - Management - Part 3: Multiple source control management

specifies methods and procedures to form groups for a spatial wireless power-transfer system. The group of spatial wireless power-transfer systems that include multiple power sources provides power transfer to receiving devices based on magnetic resonance technology. In order to achieve efficient power transfer to multiple receiving devices, this document also specifies methods and procedures to set, share, and control the conditions of power transfer between multiple power sources and receiving devices.


IEC TR 63071 Ed. 1.0 (2016-12) Power supplying scheme for wearable system and equipment

provides models and frameworks for the power-supplying scheme for wearable systems and equipment. This document does not specify power generating or energy harvesting methods and the devices themselves.


IEC 62944 Ed. 1.0 (2016-12) Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment - Digital television accessibility - Functional specifications

specifies a set of principles and considerations for digital television products in support of older people and persons with disabilities in addition to mainstream users. The effect of following the principles and considerations as set out in this document is to ensure that the widest range of users can access, understand and use digital television products. These principles and considerations cover four main user profiles such as individuals with hearing impairments, individuals with sight impairments, individuals with mobility impairments and individuals with cognitive impairments.










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